Throw it back

I haven’t thrown it back in a while. Trying to stay present; to connect in any and all ways to what I’m going thru at the moment, to root myself in the strength of the present. And yet, it doesn’t always work. And that’s ok. Compassion starts with ourselves, and that is something I remind myself constantly: The problem with overachievers, and of those seeking perfection even in the knowledge that imperfection is what actually makes us beautiful is that, sometimes, we forget to fully love ourselves the way we deserve it. So, today, I’m throwing it back to the summer of 2017 –my trip to India– to a beginning in my life that helped me made a lot of sense to things that were happening to me. So: old beginnings to inspire new beginnings, with the same resilience and curiosity that had allowed me to keep on growing as a human being.

Publicado en redes sociales el 21 de mayo de 2020

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